Solar Power Plant Site Assessment: We provide efficiency analysis, climate assessment and production forecasts for your Solar Power Plant site.

Financial Feasibility: Cost-benefit analysis, investment opportunity and risk reporting, procurement, investment and operating cost calculations are reported.

Material (Equipment) Selection: Cost and performance analyzes are carried out to select the most appropriate equipment for the project.

Site Selection and Technical Evaluation: Technical support is provided by selecting the most appropriate plant with "maximum efficiency and minimum cost" forecast for the plant to be installed.


We support you in all contractual and project processes of your solar power plant. ges-proje-yönetimi


Production Valuation: The status of the solar power plant according to the planned value of the instant production of your site is reported by comparing it with the expected production value of the energy produced in the plant.

Investment Valuation: When the solar power plant fields are to be financed or changed hands, current production data, physical condition and production profile of the power plant are reported to you in detail.

Due Diligence Services: Site inspection and due diligence services for banks, insurance companies and third persons. Site conformity, verificaion of project plans and documents, pre- and post-construction verification services.


Using the actual location of the plant, simulation is performed on the software with Meteonorm / NASA data and the energy to be produced is compared with the energy produced. This calculation determines the performance value of your solar power plant. In addition, the system is simulated on the software without the installation of the power plant to be installed by determining the estimated production values ​​are analyzed.


As Proerk Engineering, TUV Austria Turk's solution partner in Turkey. If required, we also provide TUV Austria Turk certified Inspection and Reporting services for your solar power plant sites.

Having this certificate will provide many advantages for your solar power plant sites.

Quality, safety and high return guarantee of installations for investors

Verification of work and installation by an internationally prestigious inspection and certification body.

Increasing the reliability of investment against third persons.

Ease of lending of banks and lower insurance premiums.