(IEC EN 62446)


Periodic maintenance keeps system efficiency at the highest level, prevents the occurrence of costly failures and extends the life of the solar power plant. Proerk Engineering offers periodic maintenance for the following systems and components within the scope of IEC EN 62446 standard.

Inspection, Test ve Measurements
PV Panel Maintenance
İnverter Maintenance
Construction Maintenance
DC Boards and Cable Maintenance
AC Boards and Cable Maintenance
Transformer and Mid-Voltage Cell Maintenance
Control of Wire Fences
Grass and Pest Cleaning
Control of Drainage Channels and Manhole
Security-Lighting System Maintenance
Control Cabin Maintenance
Communication and Remote Monitoring System Maintenance
Lightning Protection System Maintenance
Creating and Saving Power Plant Documents
PV Panel Washing and General Cleaning


After the installation of the Solar Power Plants, it is necessary to have professional maintenance and repairs in order to reach the promised working performances, to be long lasting, and not to cause vital and material losses.

With its 300 MW + work experience, Proerk Engineering provides committed repair & maintenance and corrective maintenance services in the event of component replacement and failure in solar power plants.