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Solar Power Plant Site Inspections

Inspection & verification service for solar power plants in according to IEC 62446 Standards and special requirements.
It covers basically verification of project plans and documents, power equipment, mounting structure and electrical system and site tests and measurements.
Finally, a verification report that covers all these subjects is delivered.

Site Tests

Compulsory and optional tests within the scope of IEC 62446:

— Open circuit (Voc) and operating voltage (Vmpp)
— Short circuit(Isc) and operating current (Impp)
— Insulation Resistance
— I-V Curve Measurements
— Thermal Inspections

Contunious Performance Measurements

Irradiation on site, PV string temperature and values of energy meter are collected and delivered to web server through a micro-computer in according to IEC 61724 Standards.

Performance coefficient, real-time and estimated power production can compared. With this comparison, it is possible to calculate operational efficiency and awareness of faults that can cause performance loss.

Electroluminescence (E.L) Inspection

Electroluminescence inspection is a method that informs us about cyristal structure of cells that constitute PV modules with analysing of infrared wawelength light emitted by modules with back fedding of electric current.

Thanks to this method, micro cracks on PV modules, manufacturing defects (soldering defects, ohmic contacts etc.), faults accured during assembling and non-operating parts of modules can be detected.

Thermal Inspection

This method is used for detection of hot points on PV modules, connectors, junctions, cables AC & DC boxes.

Thermal inspection is a rapid and reliable method to fault detection.

Aerial Iispections can be done with drone.

Due Diligence Service

Site inspection and due diligence services for banks, insurance companies and third persons.

Site conformity, verificaion of project plans and documents, pre- and post-construction verification services.