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PROERK Engineering was founded in 2014 with support of Teknogirisim Program of Ministry of Industry. We are servicing on solar energy sector.

Besides the onsite inspections of solar power plants in according to IEC 62446, we are servicing on acceptance and onsite tests of critical equipments such as PV modules and invertors, performance measurements and thermal imaging inspections.

In addition, we are among the few manufacturers in Europe with the Electroluminescence Test Unit (ELG-PRO) we developed within the scope of our R&D activities with our utility model certificate issued by the Turkish Patent Institute.

We are developing electronic systems and softwares mainly in solar energy and security sectors for meet the needs our customers.

With our experience of over 850 MW, we are able to serve you in everything you need in your solar power plants.

As TUV Austria Turkish solution partner, we also offer certified Audit and Reporting service for your GES Fields.

Our goal is to provide sustainable innovative solutions to all our customers worldwide.

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